YouTube has grown high since its launch in 2005 from a relatively unknown site for directors and aspiring filmmakers to the most famous video streaming site on the planet. One YouTube is host to the video channels that cover every imaginable subject. Give a large number of videos that are posted every single day on YouTube, and you will have a thought of launches a new famous channel would be remote. You understand the analytics of YouTube, and you can understand the marketing using videos if you have the best idea. However, vlogging is just like blogging. The great way to be popular, successful, and famous on YouTube is to make focus on a niche. So, if you are searching for the best ideas for YouTube channels, here are some great tips.


Probably personal vlogging is the very easiest way to start your own channel on YouTube. This thing that happened in your life may seem like mundane to you, but hey maybe fascinating for people to watch.  You need not be any functional equipment for being to be a vlogger. You need simply to record your opinion, your thoughts, and your daily life. Just like the same way as you would with the daily diary. If you have a personality like bubbly or quirky way slightly of videos presenting, you will increase your chances to find yourself with a viral video on your YouTube channel by receiving YouTube likes .


You have a great goldmine of a niche for your channel on YouTube if you are a gamer. The most famous gaming YouTubers are enjoying some of the greatest analytics of YouTube of all. For example, the subscriber rate of  PewDiePie is 74 million. You can approach your gaming videos in several ways.  You can include the latest game news, or you can walk do well through famous games. A speedrun is another popular gaming video format where you can run the entire game as fast as you can. 


The ideal way of explaining recipes for cooking is on YouTube videos. Recipe books for cooking are ok, but the audience loves to watch how ingredients are prepared and how the ingredients are mixed as well. These types of channels on YouTube can attract more video marketing opportunities as well. You may be approached by brands and businesses to promote their cooking utensils and their ingredients if your channel becomes popular.


Some of the most famous channels on YouTube are those that offer useful information and useful advice. One way that you can capitalize on the trend to service reviews and product reviews. You can take several formats for taking product reviews, and they are straignt out of the box and used to trying it out and unboxing the newly launched products. Making instrumental videos, and product testing videos and explaining how to use products are also a part of product reviews.

Easy Tricks To Use Subscription Button In 2020

A subscription box leads the internet at present. You don’t want to search for specific things; you get them in your email, news feed on Facebook, and even your desktop notifications.

You can grasp superb content if you subscribe to any channel. Buy YouTube subscribers to make your brand famous to a broader audience. Because of this, people often don’t search for things. They can follow the Facebook pages, sign up to several newsletters,and subscribe to the many YouTube channels to set up.

Likes, shares, comments, subscribers, or even dislikes all happen by clicking a button. 

Are you eager to know the tricks? Let’s go on.

Why is getting subscribers more critical?

People generally use many apps than using many websites to get everything they need. That is, building subscribers is key to growing your brand audience. A subscriber is higher than an ordinary visitor.

As a website owner, you need to know that growing a vast audience is the key to success. If you need to make the people subscribe to your newsletter, videos, and blog posts, you want to work with all available channels. 

Social media channels are the most powerful because they have a vast network of institutions, brands, people, and organizations that subscribe to each other. You are subscribing to the content online by following the peoples on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

How to bring subscribers to your channel?

It would help if you created articles, posts, videos, and good quality graphics to get more subscribers. Don’t think this as the lottery winning. Take care of every subscription button, first of all, to bring vast subscribers for your account.

Subscribe buttons have a significant impact on their designs, and placings to earn excess subscribers. It is necessary to make them clickable and visible. It must tempt your visitors to the website.

Everyone has a question: what is the advantage of having a subscribe button on the videos while there is a significant red color subscribe button below? It is okay when your viewers watch your videos on YouTube. But what if a video is shared on social media or embedded on the website?

It would be best if you cover all the bases.

Subscribe button on YouTube:

Don’t confuse because it means two things.

  • A company logo or a subscribe button on the YouTube videos is a transparent watermark or the graphics that appear on every video’s corner. Viewers become subscribers to your channel by clicking on the button.
  • A subscription button of a YouTube channel can be embedded on your website. It shows the subscriber count.

Steps to add subscribe button in the videos:

  • Open the settings panel from the dashboard of YouTube Studio.
  • Tap the channel option, and tap on the Branding tab.
  • Add a subscribe image in a GIF or PNG format as a video watermark.

Tip: a JPG factor cannot be used as a watermark because it uses RGBA besides RGB. You need to insert a special letter ‘A’ to mark your image transparent.

By doing so, you will get a subscribe button in PNG format. It is used for brand logos. Add the watermark of your subscribe button on the videos.