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As most of the users on TikTok are millennials, it will help you to gain much more share on the market on this video-sharing social media platform. The top icing also included in the marketing strategy on TikTok. Almost all people have heard about the platform and are a lot of gaining popularity across the globe. Most of the organizations have started developing their trends on TikTok in 2020 and found they have been to be famous after some time. 


This social media platform is formerly known as Musica.ly. The Chinese owned social media app for videos has exploded seemingly from becoming to nowhere world’s one of the most downloaded applications. In 2016 September, a new social media video application introduced by the ByteDance company. They have expanded their application worldwide and naming it as a  TikTok, in Thailand 2018,  it started to gain popularity. While TikTok/Douyin was the most loved and famous social media application for video sharing in the East, another claimed Chinese application, in West Musical.ly gained the market. Musical.ly was an internet-based video life stage launched in August 2014 that allows the user to create the short lip match up and recordings of satire. American young girls and Americal young ladies preferred it especially.

In November 2017, overall, $1 billion were spent by the ByteDance to purchase the Musical.ly and merged with TikTok to create the largest community for video in August 2018.it is available on both Android platforms and Apple platforms, now TikTok is available in more than 75 languages and 150 markets. The feature lip-synchs, which TikTok inherited from the app Musical.ly is arguably still the app’s most used feature. With the more amount of love that millennials have shown toward the TikTok app. It has become the main spot for generating potential audience and customers. For promoting your products, brands, and business, the Tiktok is one of the big social media platforms.