Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers

If you are a great fan of both the Walking Dead comic book and the show, then its 3rd season is something that may capture your interest. A lot of people have been hooked with the Walking Dead series considering its thrilling and exciting nature. One of the many surprising elements that make the series so successful is the fact that the zombies that are part of it are not the real antagonists. The living humans who act as the survivors make up the antagonists of the series.

Almost everyone is waiting for their favorite group of survivors to embark on a new journey and adventure. However, not all fans of the Walking Dead series would like to view spoilers that may only ruin the fun and excitement that the show and the comic book entails. To help you avoid the spoilers for the 3rd season of the Walking Dead, consider following these tips:

1. Avoid reading news. This is a huge help for people who wish to avoid spoilers as much as possible. By avoiding news, you can prevent yourself from seeing the inconsiderate posts in the form of news, discussion, joke or opinion made by those who want to spoil the thrill and excitement of the 3rd season of the Walking Dead.

2. Avoid using Twitter. If you don’t do this, then you will end up reading the tweets of people who already know what will happen on the third season of the series. Most of the users of Twitter are those who want to openly talk about anything as if everyone is already aware about it so you should avoid visiting the site unless you want to be spoiled.

3. Avoid reading reviews about the Walking Dead especially the negative ones. Negative reviews have their own way of spoiling the best surprise of the series so it is a good idea for you to prevent yourself from reading any of these. Aside from that, negative reviews may also contain inaccurate facts. It is also advisable for you to avoid reading the reviews of the series altogether since these things may only reveal enough about what will happen which will make the series less interesting.

4. Avoid using the internet. I know this is impossible since almost everyone can’t seem to live without browsing the net but this is one of the best solutions to avoiding the Walking Dead Season 3 spoilers. This will save you from the temptation of reading reviews, viewing trailers and videos that might tell everything about the series or see the posts of people who are serious about reducing the level of excitement for the series. If you are a great fan of the Walking Dead who want to watch or read the series without knowing what will really happen, then switching your internet off can do you a lot of good. Good luck with this one.

The Walking Dead is an exciting and thrilling series so it is best for you to avoid spoilers as much as possible. You can do all the tips mentioned above with sheer willpower. Avoid anything which might tell you about what is going to happen on the 3rd season so you won’t end up getting frustrated at the end of the season.


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