Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Pics

There are a plethora of new Walking Dead Season 3 preview pics on Entertainment Weekly’s website. Thought I would share a few and their captions. Go check out the rest on ew.com.

Michonne (Danai Gurira)
Gurira hasn’t let the pressure of portraying a highly anticipated fan favorite get to her. ”There is pressure, but it’s not a pressure that immobilizes,” she says.

Michone’s ”pets” (Moses J. Moseley and Theshay West)
As we saw last season, Michonne keeps armless, jawless zombies whose worse-for-the-wear appearance acts ”almost like zombie repellent,” explains exec producer Gale Anne Hurd.

Zombie (Alex Wayne)
In addition to the old-fashioned model of human extras-as-zombies, coexec producer/zombie-makeup guru Greg Nicotero also got some new toys, including four new ”rotted, decomposed” animatronic zombie corpses to play with.

David Morrissey, EW Walking Dead Collector’s Cover No. 3

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