Walking Dead Gains Enthusiasm for Season 3

If you are a serious fan of comic book then you should definitely be aware of the Walking Dead comic book series that have been composed by Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard and Robert Kirkman. It is a monthly publication in black and white and colored that chronicles Rick Grimes, his family and other survivors whom he meets along the way who have survived zombie annihilation.

The Walking Dead’s 1st addition came out in 2003 and was created by a writer by the name of Robert Moore and drawn by an artist by the name of Tony Moore. While Charlie Adlard took over from Tony Moore as from challenge number 7 as the main artist he kept on planning the covers through issue number 24.

This fantastic comic book received the 2010 Eisner Award at the comic Con International in San Diego San Diego for the best continuing series of comics and has even been translated into a television series for AMC. The Walking Dead which made its debut in 2010. The series has gone additional to be translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish and has initiated a Kirkman approved entire novel in its wake that details the comic’s timeline.

The Walking Dead comic Book is centered around a character by the name of Rick Grimes who wakes up from a coma right after being shot in the line of duty. When he regains consciousness, he realized that the world has fallen to a zombie plague and Though he is dazed from being in the hospital for months, and baffled as to why he can’t find all people alive, he makes his way home. When he does get there he finds out that both his wife and son are Missing, he packs supplies from his old sta and heads for Atlanta to look for his family. He arrives there on horseback only to be attacked by a horde of zombies but he is saved by a survivor by the name of Glenn who takes him back to his camp wherever he finds his wife and son are ok. Lori and Carl had been taken to the camp by his companion and best friend, Shane, to wait for rescue from the US government.

Due to the popularity of the TV show, Image comics announced in October 2010 that it would be releasing the Walking Dead Comic Book weekly as from January 5th 2011. With every issue being more riveting than the last fans keep wanting more and more out of the comedian. There has been a lot of excitement creating over the media about the release of the new season of the Walking Dead comic Book. Enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the next season’s release and find out what Rick Grimes, his family and other survivors are up to in their fight in opposition to the zombie invasion. Past situations have sent out a kind of frenzy from fans with absolutely everyone running to the retailers to get one so this season is expected to be no different as Robert Kirkman promises an even more enjoyable and thrilling storyline to the comic so all you Walking Dead comic Book fans be on the look out for the new season’s release.


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