I Need a Job on the Walking Dead Series!

How would you like to have a job playing as one of the characters in the Walking Dead series? Did you actually ever think about the coolness of being able to tell everyone that you are on the set of one of the most viewed series of the moment? If you ever said to yourself “i need a job“, then this might actually be the movie you’d love playing in very much! Some of my friends said that they would like to be on the show even just to be eaten in a few seconds and it’d still be cool for them! I laughed out loud to that, but soon after I realized that I would also take that chance ha-ha!

Andrew Lincoln who is the Walking Dead star was interviewed on the role he plays in the series and he mentioned that it’s actually the best role he had in his career. And why wouldn’t that be true? After all, when he goes to work they just give him a gun, a cowboy hat and off he goes killing zombies. We play game to do that, but this guy has it firsthand! I’m jealous on him!

The series though as everyone knows is not only about mindlessly killing zombies, getting that hot girl and be there for a happy ending. It has complex scenes with great character developments and an intricate storyline. In fact this is the main reason to why Walking Dead is such a successful series. Another reason is the fact that it doesn’t use computer generated images. Yep, that’s right.

If you thought those zombies are computer generated or certain scenes are CGI-ed, then you were wrong, as none of that is true. I don’t know about some people, but when I’m killing zombies I like to see that blood splashing over walls, faces and hot girls’ cleavages: “Oh yeah” as the Kool-Aid guy would say. What I love about this show and why I would like to get a role in it is because at one moment you are doing an intimate scene with great emotional suspense and in the next minute you are riding a horse with two hundred zombies behind you bulging on each other to get a bite, ha-ha. It’s really fascinating that this show has a perfect mix of elements and they are balanced properly.

You get drama, suspense, danger, romantic moments and more and they are not blended badly with each other. They just flow and contribute to a higher purpose and in the end to a great show that millions worldwide enjoy watching. One of the last reasons I think I’d be happy to land a role on this show is because it’s not a supernatural show, even though there are zombies involved. It’s more about regular people who have to go through extraordinary situations. On top of that, I find it amazing that through this show you can also get to say something about humanity.

With that being said, eaten in just a few seconds or being given the chance for a more meaningful role, I consider that working on the Walking Dead series is a life experience that would dramatically change everyone in many points of views.
Don’t get eaten!

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