Get Caught up on Your Walking Dead with the Upcoming Marathon

AMC will be rerunning all the episodes of The Walking Dead July 7th and 8th starting at 10:30 a.m. each day so set your dvr’s. There will be 19 episodes so make sure you have plenty of popcorn on hand.

Then for the die hards there will be a special black and white version of the premier of The Walking Dead. This special version of the show’s first episode was created specifically for “The Walking Dead” fans, as it holds true to the original black and white comic book, written by Robert Kirkman, according to a news release.

Throughout the marathon we’ll get updates and intros from the guys on “The Talking Dead”. There will be behind the scenes footage and interviews with the cast between episodes with some talk of previews of season 3. Should be a good time!

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