Welcome to my Walking Dead Comic Book site!

I started watching The Walking Dead series on AMC thinking I was just going to be getting a zombie treat in the Halloween tradition. What I got was hooked. I love how the zombies are relentless and indiscriminate. The gore doesn’t bother me much but I could live without it. Probably my favorite scene was the end of the second to the last episode of the second season when Rick and Carl were in the field after Shane’s death and the camera pans up only to show the eminent approach of a seemingly no way out herd of Walkers. I dvr’d the season finale and must have watched it four times.

So in the mean time curb your appetite with the Walking Dead Comic collections. Be mindful of the potential for spoilers if you go that route.

I am so looking forward to the next season, writing and sharing about it here. Keep coming back as I am constantly on the hunt for interesting stuff and post as I find it. Send me things you find interesting!